Other Events

Other cool things going on in and around the MarsCon Comedy Music Track you should know about include…

TABLE 27: the official merch table of the MarsCon Dementia Track!
– Open just before, during, & just after the concerts – location: just outside Main Stage

table-27-300Bring cash. Bring lots of cash. I mean, we do accept credit cards, but we prefer cash. The point is, it might take you a while to sift through the dozens of albums for sale by the performers of MarsCon, muttering to yourself “got it, need it, need it, got it, got it, need it, got it”, but it’ll be worth the effort when you walk away from the table with your fingers spread wide to hold your digitally encoded comedy music bounty. No wonder MarsCon has become THE place where every act wants to drop their new album. Table 27 is located just outside the main stage room where all the performances are happening, and will be open during the main stage Dementia Track concerts.

If you would be willing to help our Jered Perez and his staff by manning the MarsCon Comedy Music Track merch table located just outside the open doors of the Main Stage room for some amount of time during the concerts on Friday Night, and/or Saturday afternoon, and/or Sunday afternoon, we’ll give you a COMPED WEEKEND BADGE, saving you $70! If you are interested, please email thegreatlukeski@gmail.com as soon as possible. Thank you.

– Room party, Friday & Saturday night – location: 11th floor, Room 1111

space-oddity-300Once again, Beth Kinderman and her friends bring you two nights of geeky fun at MarsCon, featuring music circles, snacks and drinks, and board and card games in a comfortable, laid-back space. They’ll be open from 7 pm until ‘late’, and they’ll have a P.A. system there, so if any of the dementia or nerdcore acts want to come in and plug in their backing track devices, you can do a spontaneous show! Please drop by to sing a song, share a pint, learn a game, or chat with your friends! For more details and to donate to help make the party happen, visit their Facebook page and their fundraiser page.

A MESSAGE FROM BETH:  We have a GoFundMe active to help cover the costs of hosting the party and would love to make sure comedy music fans know about it. The link to the fundraiser is: https://gofund.me/012a3d7a

– Sunday, 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm – location: Main Stage

We’re bringing one of the post popular events from FuMPFeST (may it rest in peace) to the Main Stage of MarsCon for the first time, and anybody can participate! “Dumb Parody Ideas” is a fast-paced, loosely organized contest to see who has come up with the dumbest parody idea. We present them in a rapid fire rotation as guests and audience members get up and perform a verse and chorus of their dumbest song. Keep it short and move on to the next one. The winner is chosen by audience vote and will win the coveted GOLDEN SPATULA! You are limited to 3 songs, with a maximum of 90 seconds each, and because MarsCon is a family friendly event you must keep the content of your entries between rated G to PG-13. We’ll be taking entries from the audience at the event, so be there and be ready to go!


– Sunday, 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm – location: Main Stage

Our traditional ending to the best weekend ever for fans of comedy music, the Comedy Music Smackdown will once again feature almost all of our weekend’s performers coming back to the stage one last time to perform cover versions of well known comedy songs, both by established legends, and by each other. The only word to describe it is ‘legenda-epic-awesome-ary’!


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