MARSCON – the convention’s official main page

Past & current MarsCon Comedy Music Track performers:

Alexann Rasey
Amy Engelhardt
Angela Brett
Art Paul Schlosser
Bad Beth and Beyond
Beth Kinderman
Bonnie Gordon
The Boobles
Brett Glass
Carla Ulbrich
Carrie Dahlby
Cirque du So What?
Consortium Of Genius
Devo Spice
Derwood Bowen
Donita Smith

Eric Coleman
The Faithful Sidekicks
The Feng Shui Ninjas
Flat 29
Gifted Gear
The Gothsicles
Henry Phillips
Hot Waffles
Holy Bongwater
Il Neige
Insane Ian
Jacob Haller
Jeff Reuben
Jeff Whitmire
Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz
Judy Tenuta
Karl Brown
Katie Goodman
Klingon Pop Warrior
Kobi LaCroix
Lauren Mayer

The Library Bards
the great Luke Ski
Marc Gunn
Marc With A C
Mattari 2600
Max DeGroot
MC Lars
Michael William Hunter
Mikey Mason
M.T. Foyer
The Nick Atoms
Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Odd Austin
The Odd Ditties
Ookla The Mok
Paul and Storm
Positive Attitude
Possible Oscar
Power Salad
Raymond and Scum
Regdar and the Fighters
Rob Balder
Robbie Ellis
Rob Paravonian
Ross Childs
Schäffer the Darklord
Smashy Claw
Soggy Potato Chips
Sponge Awareness Foundation
Steve Goodie
Sudden Death
Throwing Toasters
Tom Smith
Tony Goldmark
TVs Kyle
Versatile Fluff
W. Randy Hoffman
Wally Pleasant
Worm Quartet

Radio shows, Online Streaming Stations, & Podcasts:

The Funny Music Project
The Funny Music PodCast
The Dr. Demento Show
Dementia Radio
Manic Mondays
Luke and Carries Bad Rapport
Flat 29’s Big Book Of Everything
The Scope
The Flopcast
Blasted Bill and Moonbeams Pod Of Destiny
Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons

Other cool stuff:

The Logan Awards
Needlejuice Records


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