Fund Raiser hit initial & 1st Stretch goal! Currently at 18% to 2nd Stretch goal, and other updates!

We hit initial goal of $500, and our 1st Stretch Goal of $800! If you’d like to help us hit our 2nd stretch goal (another $160, for which we are currently 18% of the way there), you can pick up this year’s 4-hour MP3 collection of live comedy music from MarsCon 2017 for $20 at the Shop page, you can pick up past year’s collections (including all 12 of them for just $100) at the Past Fundraisers page, or you can make a general donation by using the PayPal Donate button in the right column.

“Dementia Water Aerobics” with Kornflake returns! Sat & Sun at 10am in the pool!
StarF will be joined in his concert by his regular collaborator Mattari 2600!
“The FuMP Jukebox” acts will include Beth Kinderman, Carrie Dahlby, Alex Rasey, Brett Glass, Karl Brown, & M.T. Foyer (Michael Sienkowski)
“Dementia Smackdown Wrestling” will be held this year on the 2nd floor in the Anime/YA Room (Hawks Ridge IV)
– The “Space Oddity Music Club & Brew Pub” room party has returned for it’s 10th year for your night time drinking and singing needs. Details on the Other Events page.

At this point, most of everything is in place. So I hope you are all ready to get your comedy music mojo working in full effect for MarsCon 2018!


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