MarsCon 2013 Dementia Track Fund Raiser 3-CD/MP3 album now available!

As we have done every year since 2008, I have scoured through all 11+ hours of the live comedy music concerts from MarsCon 2012 and put together a 4-hour-long 3-CD set / MP3 album of all the best performances and funniest moments from last year’s convention. All the proceeds from this Fund Raiser go towards covering the hotel room costs of the non-Guest-of-Honor Dementia Track performers, “Table 27” dealer room fees, and other Dementia Track related expenses. This year’s collection has tracks by TVs Kyle, Cirque du So What?, Worm Quartet, the Gothsicles, Seamonkey, Possible Oscar, the Boobles, Dino-Mike, Consortium Of Genius, Devo Spice, the great Luke Ski, Power Salad, Feng Shui Ninjas, Beth Kinderman, DJ Particle, Jeff Reuben, Brett Glass, and Derwood Bowen! The track list for this year’s collection can be seen on the order page for the 3-CD set.

It’s $20 for the download-only version: CLICK HERE

And it’s $30 for the 3-CD set with instant download: CLICK HERE

All of our previous year’s collections are still available in the Fundraiser Shop as MP3 downloads, and many of them are still available on CD as well.  So please help us out and order the MarsCon 2013 Dementia Track Fund Raiser album today.

MarsCon 2013 Dementia Track Fund Raiser FREE PREVIEW (35:53):

Special thanks to all of the MarsCon 2012 performers, as well as Wayne Garmil, Chris Peterson, Byron Lee, DJ Particle, Mike Beucler, and Jered Perez for providing me with the live recordings from MarsCon 2012. These collections wouldn’t happen without your help, which is very much appreciated by myself, the Dementia Track performers, and the Dementia Radio listeners.

  • Other Dementia Track events:

A couple of our returning events have changed days & times, so please make note of that everyone…

Now Friday at Midnight in the A.V. Club Room (Room 1340)

Now Saturday at 10 AM in the Karaoke Krypt (Room 1318)

Saturday at Noon in the Fuji panel room (2nd floor)

3rd ANNUAL LOGAN AWARDS concert & ceremony
– Saturday at 4:00 pm on the Main Stage

Details on these events can be found on our “Other Events” page. Find out our full schedule of Main Stage concerts and other events on our “Dementia Track Schedule” page. For links to all of these band’s websites, click on their names anywhere on this website.


Weekend badges for MarsCon 2013 are $50 until Jan 31, after that they will cost $65 at the door. You can preregister now at the MarsCon website


Podcasters & DJs: It would greatly appreciated if you’d be willing to play any of the commercials above on your shows. Thanks!

Link to MarsCon 2013 long commercial (6:17):

Link to MarsCon 2013 short commercial #1 (1:18):

Link to MarsCon 2013 short commercial #2 (1:17):

Thanks for reading everyone, I’ll be back with more updates as new information comes. 🙂

~ Luke Ski, 1/8/2013
Chair of the MarsCon Dementia Track

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