MarsCon 2013 to host the Logan Awards

Luke Ski, our intrepid Dementia Track Chair, is hard at work trying to book a Music Guest Of Honor of comedy music renown. While a GoH hasn’t been secured yet, he can report that MarsCon 2013 will host the 3rd Annual Logan Whitehurst Memorial Awards for Excellence In Comedy Music. Logan was a brilliant and hilarious musician who was taken from us far too soon in 2006. Rob Balder wanted to create an award that celebrated the best in comedy music, so with the permission of Logan’s family, “The Logan Awards” were founded in cooperation with the FuMP dot com (The Funny Music Project). The first Logan Awards were held in Akron, OH at Con on the Cob 2011, and the second at DeepSouthCon 2012 in Huntsville, AL hosted by Dr. Demento himself, who is also a permanent juror. The MarsCon Dementia Track is proud to have the Logan Awards as a part of our main stage performances, and we look forward to hopefully handing out some ‘robot cat’ statuettes to some of our favorite regularly returning MarsCon performers. You can learn more about it at

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