Free Preview & Promos for 2012 Fund Raiser album, and other updates

I have created and posted a 33-minute long free preview of the MarsCon 2012 Dementia Track Fund Raiser album. It features live performances of 8 songs from MarsCon 2011 featuring Possible Oscar, Worm Quartet, Steve Goodie, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, Devo Spice, Gifted Gear, Insane Ian, and Carrie Dahlby. The preview also serves as an ad for MarsCon 2012, with info on registration and more. You can listen to it on the podcast feed/page for “Bad Rapport” at, or you can get the MP3 directly from this link: . Please give it a listen, and please share the link online with anyone you think might be interested in attending MarsCon or buying the Fund Raiser album. Remember, you can purchase the album for $30 (3-CD set w/ MP3s) or $20 (MP3s) In the Fundraiser Shop. Thanks.


I’ve put together an ad for MarsCon 2012, the Dementia Track, and the Fund Raiser for D.J.s and podcasters to play on their shows. The short version is about 3:30, and can be found here: . The long version is just under 8 minutes, and can be found here: . Any airplay you’re willing to give them would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Other news for this week, details on our “Other Events” page:

  • The Dementia Fan Showcase with DJ Particle returns! Sunday @ 11 am in Karaoke Joe’s, 13th floor
  • New “Dementia Smackdown Wrestling” Battle Royal! Saturday @ about Midnight in AV Club, 13th floor
  • FuMP & FuMP Sideshow acts wanted for Sunday main stage FuMP Jukebox show
  • TABLE 27 needs volunteers, get a free badge for volunteering! Contact us ASAP.

And a reminder, pre-reg for $45 weekend badge ends 1/31/2012. After that it will cost $60 at the door. Get yours today at (but again, if you’d like a free badge, you could always be a Table 27 volunteer).


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