MarsCon 2010 Dementia Macros Contest (& nifty PodCast episode!)

The MarsCon 2010 Dementia Macros Contest!!!

U can has prizes for yer MarsCon pics wit the funneh kapshins!

Because we refuse to let the fun and magic of MarsCon 2010 come to an end, I hereby announce the MarsCon 2010 Dementia Macros Contest! How do you enter? Here’s your instructions:

(1.) Make a Dementia Macro using a picture from MarsCon 2010. You can use one of your own pictures, or you can use somebody else’s (some people’s posted photo collection links are below).

(2.) Post it at the Dementia Macros LiveJournal Community, , sometime between now and Tuesday, April 27th at 11:59 pm CST. Enter as often as you want, but you will only be eligible for one of the top 3 places.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be announced sometime shortly after that on the internet in some way (I’ll decide which way would be best when the time comes). The contest will be judged by the MarsCon 2010 Dementia Radio Listener Guest Of Honor, Snapper!

There are three prizes to choose from: A copy of my latest CD “Too Much Stuff” (, A full color with body & background Caricature (example:, and a dozen custom made Chibis drawn by Luke Ski (example: Third place winner gets to choose one of those prizes, second place gets to choose two, first place gets all three. For more examples of caricatures & chibis, visit

U can has entreez? Then go post um! Squee! 😀

Some MarsCon 2010 Picture Links:

Devo Spice:

[Note from Davros: Look on the left side for all sub-albums. Note that a few days have folders for more than one camera, marked either G10 (my pocket rocket) or 50D (my heavy-hitter SLR)]

Baron Dave Romm: – Th. & Fri. – Sat. – Sun.
[Note from Baron Dave: FB allows unlimited uploads, which is good, but compresses really small, which is bad for things like macros. If anyone wants a higher res image to play with, let me know (and be specific about which pic).]



If you have a gallery of MarsCon photos you’re willing to donate to the 2009 Dementia Macros Contest, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list! Kthxbai!


Luke & Moonbeam & Carrie & Blasted Bill’s Bad Pod Rapport Of Destiny: Episode 2 – Post-MarsCon 2010 Wrap-up Report!


Well, the title pretty much explains everything you need to know, but I’m too OCD to not type something here, so here goes. It’s Luke & Moonbeam & Carrie & Blasted Bill’s Bad Pod Rapport Of Destiny, Episode 2, our Post-MarsCon 2010 Wrap-up Report! Recorded Sunday night March 7th in Nate Boi’s hotel room after all of MarsCon 2010’s activities had come to an end. We had a room full of friends & artists, including Brendan from Nuclear Bubble Wrap, Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad, and Insane Ian who didn’t say anything during the whole episode. Perhaps he was deep in contemplation on which MarsCon T-shirt he should order from Spreadshirt. In any case, here’s 18 minutes of post-con-nal bliss. Enjoy!

You can listen, download, and/or subscribe at

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