MST11: Mission to MarsCon!

It’s the world premiere of the newest episode of our MST3K parody tribute series, “Mystery Spatula Theater 11”! In this episode, the test kitchen satellite captives are subjected to 2000’s “Mission To Mars”, which both got approval from NASA and was called “doo-doo” by CNN. Join Chef Max Dunham (Matt Duhan), wisecracking droids Petra Servo (Carrie Dahlby) and Spork Q. Robot (the great Luke Ski), mad scientists Dr. Mushmeyer (Curtis_Lemay) and Dr. Fran Tastic (Carrie Dahlby), and a random NASA scientist (the great Luke Ski) for this celluloid atrocity. We will be serving free breakfast foods, so get up early and have a nosh and a laugh! At MarsCon (, this Saturday morning at 10:00 am in the AV Club Room 1306. Hope to see you there!

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