Main Stage Dementia Concert Schedule


Bloomington, MN – Holiday Inn Select

(suburb of Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN)
March 6th, 7th, & 8th, 2009

Announcing, the MARSCON 2009 DEMENTIA TRACK!

It’s time for another weekend of awesome comedy music concerts by some excellent new faces and some returning favorites.

CLICK HERE to read the list of our 2009 Dementia Track PERFORMING ARTISTS!

CLICK HERE to read the 2009 Dementia Track  SCHEDULE!

Other Dementia Track (and other related) events include the following:


Earl “Wyngarde” Luckes and the great Luke Ski, intrepid co-chairs of the Dementia Track, will be performing in another opening ceremonies sketch that I’m sure will be hilarious once we actually write the thing. Hey, we still got time, no problem!


“Blasted Bill” Putt and the crew from the awesome 24-hour a day streaming audio internet station “Dementia Radio Dot Org” are returning to MarsCon again to throw another rocking party on Friday and Saturday night on the infamous 13th floor! There will be music! Snacks! Alcohol! Mayhem! Cheese Whiz! Cleavage! Rob Balder committing mayhem with cheese whiz on cleavage! So be sure to stop by and spend some time there when perusing all the parties on the 13th floor!


Here’s the scoop from Beth herself: “We believe that conventions are nothing without three crucial things – fun games, great music, and good beer – and we aim to provide you with all three of them in abundance.  Join us on Friday night after opening ceremonies for open board and card gaming, and enjoy milk and cookies with Gamer Bedtime Stories at midnight as we invite you to tell us all about the exploits of your favorite roleplaying characters.  But the real action comes on Saturday night after the Masquerade, when we’ll be hosting acoustic concerts by five great acts: Beth Kinderman & The Player Characters, Toyboat, Feng Shui Ninjas, Karl Brown, and Gifted Gear. Drop by to try a fun new game, meet friendly geeks, join an open music circle, or sample our beer on tap!” For more info (and to help them out with a donation), visit their website.


Saturday at 10:00 am in the MarsCon AV Club Movie Room (on the 13th floor), come join us for breakfast (yes, we will have breakfast foods there for you all) and the WORLD PREMIERE of another MST3K-parody riffing of a horrible movie. From the year 2000, it’s Disney’s “Mission To Mars”! It’s the only movie ever referred to as “Doo-doo” by CNN! It features Matt Duhan as our trapped-on-a-satellite chef Max Dunham, Carrie Dahlby as red droid Petra Servo and mad scientist Dr. Fran Tastic, the great Luke Ski as gold droid Spork Q. Robot, and Cutris_Lemay as mad scientist Dr. Mushmeyer. Join us! Won’t you?


The one and only DJ Particle will host this event that puts YOU in the spotlight! Sunday morning at 11:00 AM in the Karaoke Room, it’ll be your chance to get up in front of the crowd and show your demented stuff! Are you an up and coming dementia artist with some songs to sing? Are you a Karaoke fanatic who loves to sing your favorite funny tunes? Do you and your friends want to do a lip-sync to the latest demented hit? Then this is the show for you! If you’d like to sign up, just CONTACT US and send us a message letting us know who you are and what you intend to do in the show. So come on and join in the fun, because it’s your turn to be a dementia star!


Sunday at 2:00 pm, we have our popular traditional pre-Closing-Ceremonies concert, the Dementia Smackdown! Bear witness to nearly all of our performers getting on stage and taking turns performing cover versions of comedy music hits of the past and present, possibly with some surprises thrown in! Don’t miss it!


Sunday at 3:30 pm, to close out the weekend, the Funny Music Project website (a.k.a. ‘The FuMP’, presents a round-robin concert featuring performers from the FuMP Sideshow! We’ll have tunes from DJ Particle, Soggy Potato Chips, Insane Ian, Beth Kinderman, and W. Randy Hoffman.

And of course, there’s THE REST OF THE CONVENTION!

A gigantic amount of thanks goes out to MarsCon for allowing us crazies to have our dementia track as a part of their excellent convention. Everyone on the staff is friendly, helpful, and eager to make sure you’re going to have the best experience possible at MarsCon. So be sure to show them your appreciation, and take a look at all the other great guests, panels, events, and parties happening at MarsCon 2008 (the Karaoke room has always been a favorite of mine). For all the details on this year’s convention, visit their website, . They also have a MySpace page . If you’re on LiveJournal, be sure to sign up for the LJ community: marscondementia .


The Holiday Inn Select in Bloomington, MN (in the Twin Cities, next to the Airport and the Mall of America) on March 6th, 7th, & 8th, 2009.
Convention hotel info page:


It will be $55.00 at the door for a full weekend badge.
Single-day badge prices are as follows:
Friday – $20.00
Saturday – $30.00
Sunday – $20.00

Convention registration page:


Just a reminder that the MarsCon 2009 Dementia Track Fundraiser CD Sets are still for sale. We’re still short in reaching our goal of covering the hotel room costs for our non-GoH out-of-town Dementia Track performers. If you can afford it, it would help us out if you could purchase a copy on CD or MP3 from our website, MarsCon Dementia Dot Com. The 2009 edition comes in 4 different versions to choose from, ranging in price from $15 to $30, each one a great collection of at least 2 and a half hours of live concert tracks recorded at MarsCon 2008. We also still have a few copies left of the 2008 and 2007 CDs. They make great Inauguration gifts. Can you order them? Yes, you can!

Thanks for reading everyone, I’ll see you there. Because…


~ the great Luke Ski, co-chair of the MarsCon Dementia Track

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